Lynne Stewart Speaking in Boston November 17 and 18th

November 12th, 2014

The National Lawyers Guild & NALSA Present


Joins us for two discussions about the current status of political prisoners in the United States.

12:00PM – 1:15PM

6:00PM – 7:30PM

Lynne Stewart, a long-time NLG member, is a former defense attorney known for representing controversial defendants including Black Panthers, Weather Underground, and Larry Davis. In April 2002, she was indicted for materially aiding terrorism on behalf of her Egyptian client, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. She served almost five years in federal prison and after mammoth public outcry was set free on compassionate release due to a terminal cancer diagnosis.

UPDATED: Keynote speaker at Stolen Lives

October 29th, 2014

NEW TIME AND LOCATION: Lynne will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony: November 1, 2014 at 4:00pm; at St. Mary’s Church, 521 West 126th Street.

NYC Love and Resistance Event for Imam Jamil Al-Amin (Lynne is the Introductory Speaker!)

September 11th, 2014

As Gaza and Ferguson challenge us to rise up, we present an evening of


Imam Jamil Al-Amin is facing serious illness in a prison hospital in North Carolina. We must wage a campaign to ensure that he is not returned to solitary confinement and that he is released.


Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, former Black Panther and NY Panther 21 leader, former political prisoner, Black liberation spokesperson

Karima Al-Amin, wife of Imam Jamil, and lawyer

Amir Khalid Abdus-Samad, representing the Imam Jamil in working with youth and street organizations since 1993.

Imam Al Hajj Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid, President of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York

Pam Africa, Chairperson, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal; Minister of Confrontation, MOVE Organization

IMPACT Repertory Theatre, “youth activists who view the creative arts and leadership training as a way to develop ourselves and change the world in a positive way”



310 WEST 43rd STREET


Sponsored by: The Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC), The Uncompromising International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, The MOVE Organization, The Imam Jamil Action Network

Endorsed by: (list in formation) Campaign to End the New Jim Crow; the Riverside Church Prison Ministry; International Action Center/Millions for Mumia; the National Jericho Movement; NYC Jericho; Universal Zulu Nation; Safiya Nuh Foundation; People’s Survival Program; Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; Malcolm X Commemoration Committee; Resistance in Brooklyn; Sekou Odinga Defense Committee; NYC Free Peltier; Campaign to Bring Mumia Home;   December 12th Movement; The Black Panther Commemoration Committee, NYC Anarchist Black Cross; “Where We Live,” WBAI FM, 99.5; “Building Bridges,” WBAI FM,99.5; Laura Whitehorn, former political prisoner; Esperanza Martell, longtime Puerto Rican human rights activist.

Contact: 212 330-8029

TONIGHT IN NYC! Meet Eddie Conway, recently released political prisoner

August 15th, 2014
Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Marshall “Eddie” Conway, Black Panther political prisoner released in March after 44 years in prison:

FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 6:00 to 10:00 pm
Martin Luther King, Jr., Labor Center of 1199 SEIU
310 West 43rd Street (between 8th and 9th Ave.)
Free admission

Abiodun of the Last Poets,
Spoken Word Poet Earl of Bet’s Deff Poetry,
Maroon Society and The Drum Circle featuring Joyce Jones
Lawrence Hayes former Political Prisoner,
Cisco Torres of the San Francisco 8
Charles Barron
Charles “Cappy” Pinderhughes, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Essex College
Lumumba Bandele
The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
Laura Whitehorn former Political Prisoner
Dequi Kioni-Sadiki The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee
Attorney Bob Boyle

Support Tom Manning’s New Book of Art!

August 15th, 2014

Lynne reads the new book of art from political prisoner Tom Manning, “For Love and Liberty.” She urges everyone to pick up a copy today and support Tom!

Click this link to order your copy today:

Update on Jamil Al Amin

July 17th, 2014

Lynne wants everyone to know that Jamil is now at Butner Medical Center (federal prison facility) and we all must continue to pay close attention to his situation and make sure he gets good treatment while there.

The will be an update TONIGHT (7/17) at 8pm Eastern on the WBAI program Where We Live. Click here to go to the WBAI website and stream live tonight.

Emergency Meeting for Jamil Al Amin!

July 15th, 2014

Calling all people of conscience in New York. Please Forward Widely.

As you know, political prisoner Imam Jamil Al Amin (AKA H. Rap Brown) is in medical crisis. Please join the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home in this public response to his condition and incarceration. We welcome co-sponsors and co-organizers to this event. Please spread the word in your networks. Flyer below and attached. Also note the petition and letter from his wife, Sister Karima Al Amin, Esq. below with an update on his condition and numbers to call. Also listen to interview with Sis Karima and Ramsey Clark on WBAI’s Law and Disorder this Monday morning. (MP3)

Wed July 16 at 7PM
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street


People of conscience should

  • contact the ADX at (719) 784-9464
  • send e-mails to FLM/
  • voice concerns on by selecting Florence ADMAX USP, and entering Jamil Al-Amin #99974-555
  • contact their Congressional reps
  • contact the Medical Director in Washington, DC, at
  • contact the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Charles Samuels, in Washington, DC; and sign petitions.
  • There also is an effort underway to contact Eric Holder.

Letter from his wife, Karima Al Amin, Attorney at Law, with more details on his condition.

There are several updates on the internet, but this is where we are at this point:

1.)  Imam Jamil has had a dental problem for more than a year, which resulted in swollen jaws, broken teeth, and the inability to swallow;
2.)  He lost 29 lbs. over a three-week period;
3.)  His legs, feet and ankles have been swollen; and
4.)  He went through a two-week period whereby he could not get out of his bed except for two times a day.
He attempted to see a physician at ADX, but instead saw a physician’s assistant who gave him water pills, and antibiotics weeks after his second extraction.
Based on people calling and inquiries from two Congressional reps, ADX finally took blood and urine tests.  Results were shared with Imam Jamil, on June 23, 2014, a day after Attorney Ramsey Clark completed his visit with him at the ADX.  The Regional Medical Director discussed the preliminary findings with Imam Jamil and said the findings suggested that he may have Multiple Myeloma–cancer of the plasma cells, and the stage would be confirmed once he had a bone marrow biopsy.  If he has not reached stage 1 of the condition, then it would suggest that he has MGUS, which is a pre-Multiple Myeloma condition.  Imam Jamil’s take on the discussion was that he had cancer, and the stage would be confirmed once he has the biopsy.
Based on this information, his age (70 years), and the symptoms, we are calling for his immediate transfer to a federal medical center, Butner, NC, or Rochester, MN, where he could receive the appropriate monitoring and medical care.
I hope this information is useful.  Please let me know if you need additional information.  We appreciate your assistance.

Support Imam Jamil Al-Amin aka H. Rap Brown!

July 11th, 2014

From: Karima Al-Amin

I do want to send information to you, and folks are circulating numbers to call and things to do.  Just briefly, Imam Jamil has been ill for quite some time, i.e., loss of 29 lbs., abscesses in his mouth–swollen jaw, difficulty breathing, swollen feet and ankles, weakness, and fatigue.

We launched a campaign for people to contact Florence ADX, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the regional medical division of the FBOP, demanding that he be examined by a physician.  After pressure also from two Congressional reps, he finally had blood and urine tests.  We then found out that the results revealed perhaps an early stage of Multiple Myeloma–cancer of the plasma cells.  With this preliminary diagnosis, he has to have a bone marrow biopsy to determine the stage.

We are calling for him to be transferred immediately to a federal medical center (Butner, NC, or Rochester, MN) where he can receive the treatment that ADX failed to give him.

Please e-mail the following right now and request that he is moved to the best federal medical facility that can give him the best attention for this particular rare cancer.

Include his name and ID#:
Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin #99974-555

It is important to say, I am writing to request that Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin #99974-555 is moved from ADMAX, USP to the best federal medical facility that can give him the best attention for this particular rare cancer.

Please Call the following and request that he is moved to the best federal medical facility to receive comprehensive medical treatment:

It is important to say, hello I am calling to request that Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin #99974-555 is moved from ADMAX, USP to the best federal medical facility that can give him the best attention for this particular rare cancer.

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons (202) 307-3198 Press #3 for Office of General Counsel and request that he is moved. You will be transferred to an individual to document the call. Pressing #7 and then #6 for Medical Services simply gives other recordings and was not as effective.
  • Lisa Gregory, Director of Health Services for The North Central Region of the Federal Bureau of Prisons – telephone number – 913-621-3939. Press 0 (Zero) for the operator. Leave a message if necessary.
  • Please also Write:

Director Charles Samuels

Federal Bureau of Prisons

320 First Street, NW

Washington, DC 20534

July 2014 Blog from Lynne

July 2nd, 2014

My very dear friends, comrades, supporters;

Since my prognosis designated July as a terminal date, I decided I better write so that you would know that all is well and we continue to fight on !!

In the past months we had a superb trip and rousing events in California — lots of people old and new to continue to share in the joy that I am OUT !   Ralph and I danced in the street in the mission district of San Francisco accompanied by a Leftist Brass Band.  We had a barn burner event in Oakland and we traveled to San Jose, Marin County and Sacramento to meet and greet the many supporters who played the all important role that has put me back on the streets.  The effort was movement wide and proves what can be done. We just have to muster the will to do it.  After we returned to the East we made a visit to Boston and met with many folks of past struggles and of course, their greeting to me was formidable.  Right here in my own NYC we participated in the many events surrounding the effort to free Oscar Rivera Lopez, Puerto Rican political prisoner held for 33 years.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  We also made numerous phone calls and signed petitions on behalf of Abdullah Majid and Jalil Montecalm, Seth Hayes and Jamil el Amin and others  I am committed to emptying the jails of our Mandelas.

Healthwise I have been keepin’ on.  With guidance from my Doctor daughter Zenobia and the folks at Memorial Sloane Kettering I am embarked on an experimental regimen that has shown success in people whose cancer involvement is similar to mine.  It is quite rigorous in its scientific discipline and keeps us close to home even when we might want to be away.  BUT it is a positive hope and I am determined (as you all know) to beat this affliction into the ground and continue with the WORK.  It seems to become more pressing with each day as the predations of capitalism grow more ominous.

On the negative side, I continue to have trouble walking and must lean on the good Ralph — literally as I did figuratively for the last 4 years— Side effects from the experimental meds are bothersome but not more.  On the Positive side, we have moved from my generous son and daugher in law’s  back into the little house i was living in at the time I went to jail.  SNAIL MAIL   1676  8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215   A great deal of family effort and a fair amount of $$$ made this possible but it is so restorative to be living there once again—my books, my old ’60′s posters, the family pictures…  Heavenly.  I just wish that I could summon up a little more energy to respond to many of you who have reached out to us. Hopefully the new drug will remedy this.

We are extremely grateful for all the money raised to help pay for the necessities, medical and otherwise.  Now that we are back out in the real world in our own house we have some new needs . Each visit to the Doctors in Manhattan costs at least $100. for parking and etc.   If you are in a position and feel inclined to help out, we are always appreciative.

Tomorrow I will be at SK to be prodded and poked and then we will join my beloved family upstate for the holiday to be celebrated in a revolutionary manner.  It is a good day to think about true revolutionary movements world wide and the people who made them,,not the least of whom are the many brave men and women in the political prisoner gulag of America.


Uprising Radio: Lynne Stewart and Ralph Poynter On Life, Activism, Prison, and Freedom

June 25th, 2014

Famed activist Lawyer Lynne Stewart as freed earlier this year on compassionate release as she battled cancer in prison. The celebrated lawyer who had been incarcerated under post 9-11 “Special Administrative Measures” for sharing her terrorism suspect client’s views with a reporter, was freed after 4 years in prison, where she suffered from late-stage breast cancer and was given only 18 months to live.

Progressives all over the nation, led by Stewart’s husband, Ralph Poynter, organized for her release for many months.

Lynne Stewart is well known for representing controversial clients, and according to one press account, she “defended America’s poor, underprivileged, unwanted, and forgotten (Indymedia).”

Thanks to the generous support of Resist, Inc. - Funding social change since 1967.