Message from Lynne for the New Year

January 16th, 2013

12/30/12;  7;05 pm

To All the Wonderful People who Love and Support Me;

We embark on the New Year with fear and trepidation of the trip ahead during the rolling months of 2013.  We also carry the indefatigable hope of righteousness and struggle as we face those dread tentacles of Corporatism that will try to strangle us.

This is no easy task but I, for one, have always known this.  Greed is an overwhelming motivation and seems to prevail among many more that the 1 % we have identified.  It is so linked to fear that our population is all but immobilized.

That Said, I am happy to be engaging.  I have some personal challenges–the newly discovered lymphatic cancer that I believe  will now subject me to Chemotherapy.   However, I have  a strong sense of never allowing any such problem deter me from someday getting released and walking out under my own power to rejoin our struggle.  My strong will !! The focus that all of you infuse me with !!

We also face a formidable challenge in getting my case before the Supreme Court.  Will they deign to hear us ?  Will we advance the sunlight or only increase the shadows on our Constitutional rights??  We can only strive to present our issues in the best possible way and “fight like Hell”. There is no predicting results but in prison HOPE is the only currency.

Finally, on a personal note, I am joyous over the return of our Doctor daughter, Zenobia, and her grand family to the City. (NY, of course).  A courageous move for them but her roots go deep and Florida just couldn’t contain them.  Also, happy about the January 12 tribute at Riverside Church for Ramsey Clark, my close friend and comrade.  I hope many will attend.

As I now am counting down my 74th  year (Ralph his 79th !)  I continue to do work for the other women behind bars.  I am trying to help a woman given only  6 months to live get compassionate release — she was turned down and then told they would allow her to go to hospice !!  Her crime?  “Harboring an Alien”– I’m outraged but then a lot outrages me… and I guess that’s why I am who I am . (smile).

Love Struggle,

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