Legal Team Files Cert Petition in Lynne’s Case

February 27th, 2013

Lynne Stewart’s defense team filed her Cert Petition – asking the Supreme Court to hear her case – on February 21, 2013. Click here to read the Cert Petition (PDF).


“Freedom of speech does not exist in the abstract. It can only flourish in an effective forum. For, in reality, free speech is found in a multitude of circumstances. Not long ago it was young people, with long hair, tramping around a federal courthouse chanting, “No. No. We won’t go!” It is an American flag sewn to a pair of old blue jeans. It’s all this and much more that defy description. It is indivisible. We cannot save it for one person and deny it to another. It must exist for all of us, or there is a real risk that, someday, it may not exist for any of us. And, so, it must exist for Lynne Stewart along with everyone else because her words are entitled to the same protection from prosecution as other political speech. Under no circumstances should her words and beliefs subject her to eight more years of imprisonment.”

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