IMPACT OF NUMBERS –Diverse and Impassioned

May 5th, 2013

IMPACT OF NUMBERS –Diverse and Impassioned – From Lynne

After experiencing a great happiness as I learned that our request for my compassionate release had been approved had been recommended, I truly felt a resounding depth of joy when I read in the New York Times that the Bureau of Prisons’ Inspector General has recommended “More Releases of Ailing Prisoners…”   NYT May 2,2013. Of course, my gratitude to the many people who signed on the petition and wrote is unbounded BUT as a lifelong advocate, if my case can budge the bureaucracy to unfreeze the safety valve for the dangerously ill who are confined in these prisons without hope of release, that is a much greater victory to me and all of us.

Carswell is the only womens’ prison hospital in the Federal System and is replete with tragedy.  While not going into detail, let me just say that there now seems to be a crack in the wall because of the reaction of all of you to the call to aid me in the hour of need.  That answer is reverberating and may well serve not only me but countless others who are ill and not so fortunate as I.  This is what I want as my Legacy — to make it better for others who may not be able to rally as I was able to.

Lynne Stewart. May 4, 2013

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