September 1st, 2013

"Free Lynne Stewart: Compassionate Release" (c) Sanda Aronson 2013

NYC Artist SANDA ARONSON has issued a visual call in September’s issue of the Disabled Artists’ Network Newsletter to “Free Lynne Stewart!” Sanda’s art – a call to action – includes Lynne’s website, where people can find a PETITION as well as Obama’s, Holder’s + BOP phone #’s.

Aronson wrote, “Free Lynne Stewart” [see art below] was inspired by an interview with Ralph Poynter, her husband, who she met while she was a school librarian and he a teacher in the same elementary school over 50 years ago; she became the famous defense lawyer for poor people; her 74th birthday is in early October. We are only months apart in age. Poynter was on “Where We Live” the night before (archived from date of broadcast July 11, 2013, Thurs., 8-9pm on I support SAVE WBAI.). The art uses his quotes about ‘Where’s the change’ to Pres. Obama, which Poynter suggested those who voted for Obama in 2008 ask the President all these years later.”

"Free Lynne Stewart" (c) Sanda Aronson 2013

Artwork: (c) Sanda Aronson 2013 To see more of Sanda’s work, go to: and

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