Bring Lynne Stewart Home this Holiday! MAKE 3 CALLS FOR COMPASSION.

December 9th, 2013

Bring Lynne Stewart Home this Holiday !

For the second time the  warden of Carswell FCI agreed to forward the compassionate release petition to the DOJ. For the second time, Obama Holder are stalling. The time to increase the heat is now.

Dear Friends,

On DECEMBER 10th, 11th, the 12th, make 3 calls for for Compassion!!!

President Obama-202 456 1111,

Att.Gen.Holder-202 353 1555

B.O.P. Dir. Samuels-202 307-3250/3062

“…Finally and not to burden your time schedules, I need to once again ask for your assistance in forcing the Bureau of Prisons to grant my Compassionate Release.  They have been stonewalling now since August and my life expectancy, as per my cancer Doctor, is down to 12 months.  They know I am fully qualified and that there are 40,000+ people who have signed on to force them to do the right thing which is to let me go home to my family and receive the advanced care in New York City, my home.  Yet they refuse to act.  I must say it is entirely within the range of their politics and their cruelty to  hold the political prisoners until we have days to live before releasing us — Witness Herman Wallace of Angola and Marilyn Buck.  We are fighting not to permit this and are actually calling for a BIG push–email, mail, telephone, to Obama(the gutless wonder) Attorney General Holder (Big Speech No Action) and the BOP on December, 10, 11 and 12.  Bring Lynne Home by the Holidays.  We are Many ! They are few!!

And lastly , as you discuss political prisoners, remember that I am a virtual newcomer having just finished 4 years inside.  Not far from here in Coleman,Fla., at the Federal Prison there, is the heroic defender of his people, Leonard Peltier. He is as far from his nation, the Turtle Mountain Band in North Dakota as it is possible to be.


Lynne Stewart, FMC

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