More news on the freeing and return of Lynne Stewart!!!

January 3rd, 2014

WATCH NY1 TV interview of Lynne AT HOME with Ralph Poynter (video in Huff Post article):

LISTEN to RECENT STORIES ABOUT LYNNE on WBAI/PACIFICA RADIO archived on the web (see list below), PLUS scroll down for MORE MEDIA coverage of Lynne’s release

All WBAI shows are archived at Scroll down to the date and time of the show.

Tues., Dec. 31, 9-10 PM (pre-empted Muslim State of Mind slot) – Bob Lederer’s Special on Lynne’s release, including:
* interviews with family and supporters
* an interview with Lynne herself from Texas shortly after her release
* a detailed medical update, and
* a 2005 phone interview that Mumia Abu-Jamal did by phone (from Death Row) with Lynne, in which she challenges the premises of the prosecution’s case against her.

Thurs., Jan. 2, around 7:50 AM – The Haskins & Hennelly program included Sally O’Brien’s news report based with excerpts from the welcome.

Thurs., Jan. 2 around 8:40 AM – Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and Renee Feltz covered the whole welcome-home, and played excerpts. Video archive and transcript at

Thurs., Jan. 2 from 8-9 PM – On WBAI’s Where We Live, co-producer Sally O’Brien and dequi kioni-sadiki presented Sally’s news report based with excerpts from the welcome plus updates on the parole campaign for elderly, ailing people in NYS prisons.


Background of Lynne’s legal case and the campaign to free her, on (Community Progressive Radio for the Metropolitan NY Area – and the World) archived (1 hour, 40 min.) at

Article: The struggle freed Lynne Stewart! In Workers World Newspaper, with an account of the LaGuardia welcome.

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