Lynne’s Blog February 2014

February 27th, 2014

I am still so overwhelmed by the love and joy of the Valentine of February 14 that I find it difficult to write through my tears of happiness. Happens every time I sit down to write this or when I see the photos on the website.  It was a great moment for me, my family but also, I hope for the movement. We needed a victory like this to carry us to new realizations of Unity and erase the fractiousness that has characterized us since the days of Co Intel Pro.

I am still working on finding my normal after the 4+years in federal prison.  I am hampered by the probation condition that forbids my association with “felons”; making it impossible to communicate with my former sisters and constituency at Carswell.  As many of you know, once the Prison was aware that Ralph was landing at Dallas/Ft Worth for our usual monthly visit and farewell, that afternoon they got me out of the Big House in a hurry.  Unbelievable speed and efficiency for the Bureau of Prisons.  The Judge in NY signed the order at 2:15 pm and I was waiting for Ralph in a parking lot outside the prison gates at 5:30.  (They probably thought that either you all, or the media would be storming their citadel if I weren’t released immediately !!) I was so glad to be free of their Arbitrary Authority but it also meant that many close friends Mara, Wanda, Kathy, Jenn, Rollow, Gwen,  to name a few–I never got a chance to say goodbye to personally and now I can’t.  BUT, I haven’t forgotten my promise to keep on working to bring about some merciful changes in the Prison System and I still think about them, often.

On another sombre note, little did I think that  when I arrived in Brooklyn I would need to become locked in ferocious battle with the forces of Medicare and Medicaid.  But that Is what Ralph and I have been doing since January 2. Let me preface this by saying that my prognosis, of 12 months of life with this cancer, in 7/13 has not changed.  First, Medicare told me that when I went to jail in November, 2009, they had continued to pay my Health Insurance provider until 2011.  When they “notified” (?HOW?) me that I needed to enroll again in Medicare I did not respond. (of course not, being in Texas) Therefore, not having opted then to get this entitlement, I could not now get coverage until July 2014. They suggested that I sign up for Medicaid administered by the state of NY.  After many trips and many documents Medicaid finally (2/22) declined to cover me, because Ralph and I have income (our social security payments) that exceeds their monthly limit. We are now hoping that we will be able to enter into a program whereby they will accept  a different accounting, a pay in, and I will be covered through July.  Sloan Kettering Hospital, my choice for treatment, has allowed me to pay with Medicaid.  So, we are working on it and I want to say Loud and Clear that poverty is hard work.  We still advocate for Single Payer !!! No-one should have to jump through these hoops to get treatment, especially when they are not feeling all that well or energetic.

And or course, and eternally, I have to say, I couldn’t do it without my formidable and loyal and loving partner Ralph Poynter.  We have to laugh sometimes as we compare our elderly selves to the passionate duo that met in their twenties on the “60’s battle lines of political challenges.  But, hey, we’re still here and intend to remain loyal to all the causes that are necessary to fight in this rapacious capitalist world we live in.  We must have victory.  There must be a better world for us and for all the generations still out there.

Finally, I have to say that just as I finished writing this I received word of the passing of my brother at Law, friend and Comrade Chokwe Lumumba in Jackson, Misssissippi.  I will write at another time, about the six month trial and acquittal victory (1983) for Bilal Sunni Ali in the federal Brinks case,  where we served as co-counsel. Chokwe, on summation played a record of Gil Scott Heron.  We are all the heirs and heiresses of a rich heritage of resistance.  We must fight on.
Love Struggle

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