Support Rev. Pinkney!

April 29th, 2014

Breaking News!

Civil rights fighter and UFAA friend Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, MI has benn arrested and charged with election law violations.  He’s under house arrest and tethered.  Cannot leave his house for ANY reason.

He could face another 5 years as a political prisoner for his valiant efforts to recall Benton Harbor mayor and corporate stooge James Hightower.Pinkney is a true leader for working and poor people, embroiled in a critical moment for the defense of American democracy. Please visit contribute what you can to Rev. Pinkney’s legal defense.  He would like 1000 people to call the courthouse, ask for Michael Sepic, chief prosecutor.  Free Pinkney!

Rev. Pinkney is facing election fraud charges less than 2 weeks before the recall election for the mayor of Benton Harbor.

The sheriff went out to intimidate and harrass the people.  In one hand they had the original signed petition, in the other hand a computer copy of the recall petition with a whited out first digit.  They asked the resident which day they signed the recall petition with 2 different dates in their hand, confusing the person, and trying to force the person to say they did not sign the petition on the original date.  Also, they claimed that 4 people signed 2 different petitions twice.  The law is clear on that.  A person who knowingly signed a recall peition more than once, or signed a name other than his own, is violating the provisions of Michigan election law.  Pinkney never allowed anyone to sign the petition twice.  This is another attempt to silence Pinkney.  He can no longer use his computer.  He’s under house arrest 24/7.  He cannot leave his house for any reason.  They are trying to silence him completely.  Please spread the word.

Get on Twitter and Facebook, call in to radio shows, write letters to newspapers, call your representatives, and don’t let corporate welfare queens and their hired thugs back down the citizens of Benton Harbor!We want jobs, not dictators! And we demand our rights to freedom of speech, assembly and political representation!—“Benton Harbor reminds me of Mississippi in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I have never been one to rave about how much progress my generation has made, but I had hoped to see an end to these horrors in my lifetime.  All citizens have the civil right to recall an elected official or initiate a referendum by way of petition.  This is our only outlet.” – Rev. Edward Pinkney, 4/20/14

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