The Insufferable Packer: Lynne’s Note to Chris Hedges

July 6th, 2015
Lynne’s letter to Chris Hedges following George Packer’s New York Times book review of Hedges’ new book, “Wages of Rebellion.”
Dear Chris;

Just to let you know that I too was tarred and feathered by Packer in the months after my arrest.  He did a piece in the NYT (a favorite venue, apparently) indicating that I was just old baggage left over from the sixties and that no-one was supporting me.  He had attended, at my invitation and not a week before, an enthusiastic rally at Judson with about 300 or more. I guess “those” people don’t count.  Of course his piece was accompanied by a beautiful full page color picture of me sitting all alone with my books.

I don’t know if you are aware (I wasn’t when I agreed to the interview) that he has a real grudge against the Left. His father was the Dean at Stanford when Berkeley was happening and in an effort to be a tough guy he lowered the boom on all signs of uprising.  He was fired and thereafter committed suicide.  Somehow George who I think was a teen at the time connected that to insurrection/liberalism and became this unspeakable critic of all things progressive.  I guess his job at the New Yorker was the reward.

I am doing well and hope you are.  Will end this to go on line to purchase Wages of Rebellion !

“Rebel” of the reverential portrait

Lynne Stewart

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