Appeal for Donations from NCPCF: Families of Prisoners are the Forgotten Victims

August 21st, 2015

Lynne is hoping folks can donate to this important appeal from the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms.


NCPCF is seeking the help of 100 individuals, who are willing to donate $100 each to 25 traumatized family members of targeted individuals, so NCPCF can fly them to the families conference to receive counseling, spiritual healing, and social support. Please read details below:

Dear NCPCF Supporter,We’re writing to you to ask for your help in funding our annual families conference. Since the NCPCF’s inception, the families’ conference has been a focal point of our work as we aim to help those most affected by the counterproductive policies of the War on Terror.  Each year, families affected gather to support one another and to pray for justice and pray that they will once again see their loved ones outside of prison walls. The families conference, provides affected families, comprised mostly of women and children, with support groups, counseling, social justice and media workshops, and a collective space for networking and healing.  We focus on building communication capacity and power of affected families impacted by government abuse of power within our collective experiences to address the overall criminal justice system and Islamophobia.

As the NCPCF works diligently to protect our human and civil rights, we hope that you will show your support to those who have suffered the most egregious violations.  This year, we are short $10,000 and we need your help to make the conference a success.  With your financial contribution, we can send a strong message to these families that they are not alone and that our community will support them through thick and thin.

In the next 14 days kindly send your generous donations by September 2nd, either through the NCPCF PayPal by clicking here (NOTE:  Please include a note in Paypal that your donation is for the families conference)  or send your check to: NCPCF, Families Conference, P.O. Box 66301, Washington, DC 20035.

When you make a donation, please email us at and tell us that you have sent a donation either through PayPal or by a check.

As Laila Yaghi, mother of Ziyad Yaghi, a current prisoner of the War on Terror, expressed:  “Nobody knows how much this hurts!!! No body knows that everyday I cannot sleep and if I do, it is only minutes and I am awakened by nightmares!! Why would my own country do this to my son and I? Why would they take an innocent young man and put him in jail?…”

Will you help support these families and give them the help they so desperately need?  We hope so. Thank you.

Help us publicize and advertise this appeal on the social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you very much for your generosity and concern.

NCPCF Steering Committee

Goal: 100 Donations for 25 Families by September 2nd

Thanks to the generous support of Resist, Inc. - Funding social change since 1967.