Warrior: Film about Leonard Peltier

October 21st, 2015

From NYC Free Leonard Peltier:

This is the definitive film about Leonard Peltier’s life and legal case. It is not new but the facts are still the same. Unfortunately, due to distribution problems, up until now it has been very difficult to see this film. Just a few days ago, Suzie Baer, who produced and directed the film, put it up on Youtube.

Copies of the film and posters are also available by contacting Suzie at: warriorthelifeofleonardpeltier at gmail.com

NOTE: This film covers Leonard’s case well but what also makes it special is that we get to hear so much from Leonard himself, and also his family.

This film is really important now because Leonard needs really needs support. His only hope is executive clemency and President Obama’s time is office is rapidly coming to a close. This film is a wonderful tool to educate people about Leonard.

Please, watch it, buy it, show it.

NYC Free Peltier

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