Holiday Card Writing Party for US Political Prisoners

November 20th, 2015

Send Love Through the Walls!!!!!
Resistance in Brooklyn & NYC Anarchist Black Cross (NYC ABC)
invite you to a
Holiday Card-Writing Party
for US-Held Political Prisoners & POWs
Sunday, December 6, 2015 – 4-8 p.m.
At 263 Eastern Parkway (between Franklin and Classon,
#2,3,4,5 to Franklin Ave./Eastern Pkwy—left elevator to # 5D)
Cost: FREE (Donations to cover the cost of stamps greatly appreciated)

In what many prisoners have told us is their favorite event of the year, Resistance in Brooklyn and NYC Anarchist Black Cross again join forces to bring you the annual holiday card-writing party

for U.S. held political prisoners, prisoners of war, and prisoners of conscience

. This event is always a lot of fun, the food outstanding, the camaraderie lively, and the handmade cards flat out amazing. This year will be no different. So plan to bring your friends, your creativity, and a healthy appetite. We’ll have updates on the pp/pow campaigns as well as paints, markers, crayons, and envelopes.

Copies of the 2016 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendars will be on sale for $12. And Mumia’s new City Lights monograph, To Protect and Serve Who? Organizing a Movement to Abolish Police Violence, will available for $5.

Getting to 263 Eastern Parkway is simple:
From the 2

/3/4/5 or Franklin Avenue Shuttle:

Franklin Avenue Stop: Walk west on Eastern Parkway (away from Franklin Avenue, toward Classon Avenue). We’re about half a block down on the north side of the street. When you go into the building, take the elevator to your left.

For more information, contact:
Resistance in Brooklyn– resistanceinbrooklyn07 at gmail dot com
NYC Anarchist Black Cross– nycabc at riseup dot net

New Poem and Request from Jalil Muntaqim

November 15th, 2015

Here is a request from Jalil Muntaqim as we begin his parole campaign for his hearing in June 2016.

Jalil would like people to contact Tavis Smiley and request that he interview Ward Churchill about Jalil’s book Escaping the Prism. and

He would also like people to contact Amy Goodman and request that she interview Jalil at Attica: 212-432-9090 www.democracynow/contact and

Jalil will be going to the Parole Board once again in June of 2016, and he would like to form our own media campaign to counteract the PBA propaganda around his case.

Of course, he is officially known as Anthony Bottom ‪#‎77A4283‬, so that should be included when contacting Tavis Smiley and Amy Goodman.


Apartheid Attica

Nestled in the upstate New York rural
community, stand grey walls and ominous
gun towers, inside 24 hundred souls
captured and confined.

Marching two by two, 40 strong,
escorted by club wielding
guards enter a messhall, a sea
of Black and Brown faces, under
camera surveillance and controlled,
by the threat of club wielding
automatons. Read the rest of this entry »

Warrior: Film about Leonard Peltier

October 21st, 2015

From NYC Free Leonard Peltier:

This is the definitive film about Leonard Peltier’s life and legal case. It is not new but the facts are still the same. Unfortunately, due to distribution problems, up until now it has been very difficult to see this film. Just a few days ago, Suzie Baer, who produced and directed the film, put it up on Youtube.

Copies of the film and posters are also available by contacting Suzie at: warriorthelifeofleonardpeltier at

NOTE: This film covers Leonard’s case well but what also makes it special is that we get to hear so much from Leonard himself, and also his family.

This film is really important now because Leonard needs really needs support. His only hope is executive clemency and President Obama’s time is office is rapidly coming to a close. This film is a wonderful tool to educate people about Leonard.

Please, watch it, buy it, show it.

NYC Free Peltier

Lynne will be Judge at Peoples Tribunal in Los Angeles October 16

October 8th, 2015

Twitter Handle: @wechargela

Instagram: @wechargegenocidela

Facebook Group:

LA People’s Tribunal is a space to honor survivors of police brutality, build community, create actions to stop business as usual and demand more from the state and from one another. The Revolution is now

Tribunal Details:
The evening of cultural events and performances will be October 16th from 6-10PM. The Tribunal with survivor and family testimony will be October 17th from 12-7PM. Call Rebecka to participate in anyway 314-556-7919.
400 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Lynn Stewart
Nelson Antonio Denis
Guillermo Suarez
Cephus Johnson, Uncle Bobby

Douglas Kearney
Matt Sedillo
Aleshea Harris
Jozben Barrett
Tom Earl
Brigette Dunn-Korpela (Choreographer)
Samara Harris
Roberto Martin
Ahlam Ana Khamis

-Create actions and community tasks to end police terror.
-Facilitate cooperation, unity and coordination between progressive organizations and activists for the purpose of sustainable, principled and militant action
-Get feedback and testimony from affected communities
-Create a network of people to contribute to taking back the public school systems, ending mass incarcerations and ending racist government agendas.

Lynne speaking in Los Angeles October 17

October 8th, 2015

Thanks to the generous support of Resist, Inc. - Funding social change since 1967.