David Gilbert’s Valentine to Lynne

February 25th, 2015

Lynne wanted to share this letter from political prisoner David Gilbert with everyone: Click here to read David Gilbert’s letter.

People can write David at: Gilbert, David, #83A6158, Auburn Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 618, Auburn, NY 13021-0618

You can find out more about writing to David and other political prisoners by clicking here to visit the Jericho Movement’s website.

From Lynne: A Valentine Remembrance — Past and for the future

February 23rd, 2015

Photo by Marty Goodman

It was a bitter cold night outside on East 54 Street and Lexington Avenue but the temperature inside St. Peters Church began to rise with the first arrivals at around 5 for an evening of historic remembrance and love.  We were there to celebrate and re-commit ourselves to the heroic men and women who sacrificed and continue to be at the mercy of the most barbaric prison systems in this world.  “Bring Them All Home” was the rallying cry, repeated many times during the course of the evening and re-inforced by prison veteran Laura Whitehorn when she reminded us that these heroes do not “languish”,they are a vital part of the force that will ultimately free them.

After the crowd gathered we were serenaded.exhorted,made to laugh out loud and weep by the various persons who had come to the Valentine.  And that was the right name because this was all about love.  Not the sickeningly sentimental Hollywood or tv editions but the kind that is strong in recognizing that heroes and sheroes. The kind that understands that freedom is sometimes sacrifice but must never descend to cynicism.  That righteous anger is truth, an Honest response to an intolerable situation.  And that “By Any Means Necessary” is not just a slogan but the way forward to reach our goals.

We were favored by the physical presence of ex-Political Prisoners Kaze. Toure, Joel Meyers, Sekou Odinga, Cisco Torres, Laura Whitehorn, Kathy Boudin, myself.

We were exhorted and challenged by speakers Pam Africa, Larry Hamm, Ralph Poynter and Glenn Ford to carry the fight forward.  no matter how discouraging or repressive conditions may be. We were serenaded by the Grannies (lynne included) and Lucy Murphy, Janine Otis, Seraphina Brown.  The spoken word was given to us by actress extraordinaire Vinie Burrows and First Class Rhymer Comic Professor Louis. Vinie inspired with the words spoken at the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti.  The good professor reminded us that that working class always get kicked in the A– and what to do about it.

This fabulous evening was punctuated by remarks of our mcs Mimi Rosenberg and Nelle Bailey.  We had messages read from comrades Jeff Mackler, and political prisoners Jalil Montaquim and David Gilbert. We had skypes with pp Larry Giddings , Ralph Shoenman, and from Minnesota Jess Sundin representing one of twenty three grand jury resisters. I personally want to reach out and embrace all the comrades and supporters who worked and contributed to make this event the joyous scene it was.  More than I can mention and I don’t want to slight anyone but we had wonderful food before the main event and a red (emphasis on red) velvet cake to make the final celebration at 10 oclock at the close of festivities.

We left in the teeth of a winter wind and below freezing temperatures but our hearts and minds were warm and dedicated once again…At least this warrior woman who was rescued by the People from the vile system and who is still fighting her death warrant was re-invigorated.

More photos from Marty Goodman:

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February 11th, 2015


Friday February 20, 2015 btw 6:00 – 10:00pm in St. Peter`s  Church  at Lexington Av. & E. 54th.

Take the E, M, #6, 4, 5, N, Q, R, F, B, D, E, also #1, C, D stops & cross town bus via 57th or via 50th https://goo.gl/maps/XkFQ5

If you are in New York City on Feb. 20th please join us for a wonderful event both celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the release of Lynne Stewart and the continuing work to bring all of the political prisoners home.

It’s Time To Free Them All
And Bring Our Political Prisoners Home!
Who: Ralph & Lynne New Abolitionist Movement, Lynne Stewart Organization
What: Support Political Prisoners
Where: St. Peter’s church on Lex & 54 St in Manhattan
When: Feb. 20, 2015 Btw 6-10pm

Why: Because we owe all of the human rights legislation of the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s & 90′s,etc to our political prisoners. We owe the voice we now have about our Mother Earth to our Eco political prisoners. And to do nothing about the torture of our Muslim political prisoners is immoral.  So join us in sending this Valentine far & wide.

Bring them home NOW. Free the Land!!!

Ralph Poynter has new radio show on BlogTalkRadio

February 11th, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT! “Ralph Poynter: What’s Happening” is the new show on Human Rights Demand  channel at Blogtalkradio, beginning Tuesdays at 9pmEST. Poynter is a retired NY school teacher, former union organizer, legal investigator, and a noted public speaker. He and his wife, Lynne Stewart, are human and civil rights icons. Poynter looks forward to your questions and comments during each radio broadcast. Please call (347)857-3293 to speak on air, or simply listen via computer.

All “Human Rights Demand” shows are archived for future listening at your convenience: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/humanrightsdemand

A Valentine from Lynne Stewart to all Political Prisoners – February 20th

January 28th, 2015

A Valentine from Lynne Stewart to all Political Prisoners — In and Out,  On February 20  we will have an event at St Peters Church (the Jazz church) from 5:30 to 10 pm celebrating  and sending Mad Love to all who still remain behind the walls and to those who have been forced to be guests of the State and who are now released.  This is meant to be as Inclusive as the Lynne Stewart Organization has always been.

St Peters is located at 54 Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.  We will have entertainment–musical, comedy There will be speeches (short) with Glenn Ford as a featured keynoter.  We are hoping to duplicate the wonderful outpouring of a year ago to welcome Lynne home.

Admission is $10 No one will be turned away,  and there will be refreshments.

We are dedicated to bring home all political prisoners and prisoners of war and conscience from all progressive struggles!

Come One Come All February 20 at St Peters Church!

Ralph Poynter .
New Abolitionist Movement

Thanks to the generous support of Resist, Inc. - Funding social change since 1967.