Photo – Lynne at Demo

June 6th, 2016

Lynne at recent demo at Brooklyn DA’s office for Nicholas Payton with father of child murdered by cop.

Photo: Lynne and Laurie Arbeiter at Women in Black/We Will Not Be Silent event

March 26th, 2016

Lynn and Laurie Arbeiter at 10 year anniversary of Women in Black/We Will Not Be Silent at Whitney museum NYC on March 18, 2016.

Lynne gets 482 first place WBAI votes

January 18th, 2016

Thank you all for running and congratulations to the WBAI members who saw right through the stuff those other folks were slinging.

Lynne lead with 482 first place votes. Their top vote-getter received 189 votes.

King, John, Ralph and Pauline were also elected, while Dacio is first runner-up and Eugene is fourth runner-up.

Janet Coleman was term-limited on December 22, 2015 and our Vajra Kilgour inherited the year remaining in her term as the bylaws require. The ACE-Indy crew are claiming that the staff runner-up from the new election should get Coleman’s seat.

Lynne’s Message to the BOP Concerning Leonard Peltier’s Medical Care

January 11th, 2016

Lynne and Ralph sent the message below to the Bureau of Prisons, demanding Leonard Peltier receive immediate medical attention. Send your own message by going here:

WE are concerned about Leonard’s medical care
WE understand that he is facing a serious operation

WE URGE BOP to engage a qualified surgeon to do this and that Leonard receive appropriate aftercare in hospital and appropriate rehabilitation and palliative care

We hardly need to remind you that Leonard Peltier is internationally regarded and is a Leader of native Americans and all progressive people here in the US

We Will
Be Watching

Noise Demo Against Prison Industrial Complex – New Years Eve

December 24th, 2015

Lynne may not be able to join, but wanted to let everyone know about this event:

WHAT: Noise Demo Against the PIC, for the Liberation of PPs + POWs
WHEN: 9:00pm, Thursday, December 31st
WHERE: Metropolitan Correction Center (MCC, the federal prison in downtown Manhattan); Pearl Street, between Cardinal Hayes Place and Park Row (J to Chambers Street or 4/5/6/ to City Hall)
BRING: Noisemakers, air horns, drums, anything that is loud!

On the noisiest night of the year in New York City, come help us remind folks locked up that they are not alone. NYC Anarchist Black Cross, in response to an international call for noise demonstrations outside of prisons, is asking folks to join us outside of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in lower Manhattan. Come, not to appeal to authority, speak truth to power, or any other contrivance, but rather to stand arm in arm with comrades and show direct solidarity to those on the other side of the wall.

The state, writ large, is targeting anarchists all across the United States and abroad. This will be both protest and celebration. To keep the cold at bay, comrades will again be on hand with hot cocoa to keep the vocal cords nice and warm.

Thanks to the generous support of Resist, Inc. - Funding social change since 1967.