Video of the mother of political Prisoner Abdullah Majid

March 11th, 2015
Please forward this urgent Mother’s appeal far and wide. Consider writing a letter on behalf of Abdul Majid to the Board of Parole, Washington Avenue, Albany, NY. The NYPD have already gotten an editorial in the News urging no parole. Lets show them !!

– Lynne Stewart

Watch the video here:

There is still the time to submit letters to the parole board for political prisoner Abdul Majid.

Guidelines for Parole Letters in support of Abdul Majid

These letters should not be form letters. They should be sincere and in your own words!

1. The letters should be addressed to me at Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Attorney at Law, 11 Park Place Suite 914, NY NY 10007, but on the top left-hand side of the page, they should say TO: NYS Board of Parole, 1220 Washington Avenue, Building 2, Albany, NY 12226-2050. You must mail, not email letters!

2. Put the date on the letter

3. There should be a subject line that says Re: 2015 Parole Hearing for Abdul Majid, DIN#83-A-0483

4. Your salutation can be Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

5. Identify yourself, and where you live, explain who you are and what you do, and your relationship with Abdul.

6. If there is any way in which you personally can help him acclimate and reenter society, explain your relationship to him, if any, or how you see yourself being able to help him if and when he is released.

7. Do not argue Abdul’s criminal case, or discuss the reasons that the state or the police are bad.

8. Do include in your letter the following:

• Abdul has spent more than three decades in prison for a crime he has always said he didn’t commit
• The recidivism rate for people of his age is extremely low
• His disciplinary record is nonviolent and in the last decade has been extremely good
• He has a support system, skills, and a place to live
• He has a strong faith, and a strong faith community
• He spent his time in prison acquiring skills, for example:

– Associate’s Degree in business administration,
– Several legal certifications,
– Participated in the Islamic Therapeutic Program, including classes for GED, substance abuse, Anti-aggression resolution, parenting, and anti-recidivism
– Participation in the African Cultural Awareness Organization, including classes on history, sponsoring community forums on reentry after incarceration, and fundraisers to give back to the community
– Worked with the Lifers Organization to propose legislation on sentencing reform, and teaching classes, including classes for young adults on adjusting to prison and coping with long sentences, legal research, and civics.

Thank you, everyone, for helping to support Abdul. Remember to sign your letter.

Moira Meltzer-Cohen

From Lynne: A Valentine Remembrance — Past and for the future

February 23rd, 2015

Photo by Marty Goodman

It was a bitter cold night outside on East 54 Street and Lexington Avenue but the temperature inside St. Peters Church began to rise with the first arrivals at around 5 for an evening of historic remembrance and love.  We were there to celebrate and re-commit ourselves to the heroic men and women who sacrificed and continue to be at the mercy of the most barbaric prison systems in this world.  “Bring Them All Home” was the rallying cry, repeated many times during the course of the evening and re-inforced by prison veteran Laura Whitehorn when she reminded us that these heroes do not “languish”,they are a vital part of the force that will ultimately free them.

After the crowd gathered we were serenaded.exhorted,made to laugh out loud and weep by the various persons who had come to the Valentine.  And that was the right name because this was all about love.  Not the sickeningly sentimental Hollywood or tv editions but the kind that is strong in recognizing that heroes and sheroes. The kind that understands that freedom is sometimes sacrifice but must never descend to cynicism.  That righteous anger is truth, an Honest response to an intolerable situation.  And that “By Any Means Necessary” is not just a slogan but the way forward to reach our goals.

We were favored by the physical presence of ex-Political Prisoners Kaze. Toure, Joel Meyers, Sekou Odinga, Cisco Torres, Laura Whitehorn, Kathy Boudin, myself.

We were exhorted and challenged by speakers Pam Africa, Larry Hamm, Ralph Poynter and Glenn Ford to carry the fight forward.  no matter how discouraging or repressive conditions may be. We were serenaded by the Grannies (lynne included) and Lucy Murphy, Janine Otis, Seraphina Brown.  The spoken word was given to us by actress extraordinaire Vinie Burrows and First Class Rhymer Comic Professor Louis. Vinie inspired with the words spoken at the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti.  The good professor reminded us that that working class always get kicked in the A– and what to do about it.

This fabulous evening was punctuated by remarks of our mcs Mimi Rosenberg and Nelle Bailey.  We had messages read from comrades Jeff Mackler, and political prisoners Jalil Montaquim and David Gilbert. We had skypes with pp Larry Giddings , Ralph Shoenman, and from Minnesota Jess Sundin representing one of twenty three grand jury resisters. I personally want to reach out and embrace all the comrades and supporters who worked and contributed to make this event the joyous scene it was.  More than I can mention and I don’t want to slight anyone but we had wonderful food before the main event and a red (emphasis on red) velvet cake to make the final celebration at 10 oclock at the close of festivities.

We left in the teeth of a winter wind and below freezing temperatures but our hearts and minds were warm and dedicated once again…At least this warrior woman who was rescued by the People from the vile system and who is still fighting her death warrant was re-invigorated.

More photos from Marty Goodman:

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A Valentine from Lynne Stewart to all Political Prisoners – February 20th

January 28th, 2015

A Valentine from Lynne Stewart to all Political Prisoners — In and Out,  On February 20  we will have an event at St Peters Church (the Jazz church) from 5:30 to 10 pm celebrating  and sending Mad Love to all who still remain behind the walls and to those who have been forced to be guests of the State and who are now released.  This is meant to be as Inclusive as the Lynne Stewart Organization has always been.

St Peters is located at 54 Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.  We will have entertainment–musical, comedy There will be speeches (short) with Glenn Ford as a featured keynoter.  We are hoping to duplicate the wonderful outpouring of a year ago to welcome Lynne home.

Admission is $10 No one will be turned away,  and there will be refreshments.

We are dedicated to bring home all political prisoners and prisoners of war and conscience from all progressive struggles!

Come One Come All February 20 at St Peters Church!

Ralph Poynter .
New Abolitionist Movement

From Lynne: “The Grand Jury”

January 9th, 2015


One of my most prophetic statements is that the “law” is what “they” want it to be at any given time. Witness the Dred Scott decision, the Japanese internment cases of World War II, and the Scottsboro and other legal lynching cases.

In 2014, stemming from the series (ongoing since 1619) of unprosecuted crimes against the African American population, we confront the lawlessness, now inherent, of an ancient legal institution, the Grand Jury. My history here may be fuzzy (due to my jail time of four-plus years and subsequently battling the big C)—but hey, there’s always Wikipedia! Nonetheless, my own experiences as a practicing criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years will help in this short essay.

In New York State, people accused of serious crimes (felonies) can be brought before the court by a number of avenues. Most common is the presentation of the case, by the District Attorney, in a rudimentary way, to a Grand Jury, who will then vote on an indictment. (The famous or infamous statement that a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich being entirely true.)

As I recall, the Grand Jury was an outgrowth of the Magna Carta, a medieval document that was fought for by the nobles (male and white and born to privilege) in which they won the right to not be thrown in and left forever in a dank and dark prison by the king. They now had the right (habeas corpus) to demand to be heard and judged by their “peers” (equals). Of course, we are not talking “fair” here, just the way it operated.

The functioning of the Grand Jury has not changed a great deal since those days. It is still possible for a defense attorney to present her client and allow him to tell his story (usually in a self-defense case), and there are even those rare instances
where the Grand Jury will vote no indictment.

However, the abuse by the Grand Jury in cases such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner, where there is only prosecution testimony, and that is in total control of the District Attorney or prosecuting authorities, is obvious when there can be no presentation of an opposition scenario—they have killed the obvious witnesses. And so, the Grand Jury does what it is best at, following the instructions and demands of the District Attorney, Missouri or Staten Island, N.Y. It is the ham sandwich approach, and there is no blame, no accountability. The police and prosecutors are a single entity, and they have an agenda.
The Grand Jury, in my not so humble view, should be abolished. It is an anachronism, and the miniscule number that benefit from it are not worth the rubber stamp it has become, particularly in the murder of people of color by the police.

A far better solution (short of the revolution we all hope and dream of) is to make those suspected of those heinous crimes stand TRIAL. Let the 12 jurors decide their fate in an open and fully presented evidentiary case. It’s not a perfect solution but far, far better that the endless parade of murderers going free because their victims don’t matter.

— January 3, 2015

Come join Lynne New Year’s Eve to Celebrate One Year of Freedom!

December 30th, 2014

JOIN US! At 9pm in front of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York City: 150 Park Row, New York, NY 10007

Celebrate Lynne’s freedom and come in solidarity with those still locked down!

Support Tom Manning’s New Book of Art!

August 15th, 2014

Lynne reads the new book of art from political prisoner Tom Manning, “For Love and Liberty.” She urges everyone to pick up a copy today and support Tom!

Click this link to order your copy today:

Update on Jamil Al Amin

July 17th, 2014

Lynne wants everyone to know that Jamil is now at Butner Medical Center (federal prison facility) and we all must continue to pay close attention to his situation and make sure he gets good treatment while there.

The will be an update TONIGHT (7/17) at 8pm Eastern on the WBAI program Where We Live. Click here to go to the WBAI website and stream live tonight.

July 2014 Blog from Lynne

July 2nd, 2014

My very dear friends, comrades, supporters;

Since my prognosis designated July as a terminal date, I decided I better write so that you would know that all is well and we continue to fight on !!

In the past months we had a superb trip and rousing events in California — lots of people old and new to continue to share in the joy that I am OUT !   Ralph and I danced in the street in the mission district of San Francisco accompanied by a Leftist Brass Band.  We had a barn burner event in Oakland and we traveled to San Jose, Marin County and Sacramento to meet and greet the many supporters who played the all important role that has put me back on the streets.  The effort was movement wide and proves what can be done. We just have to muster the will to do it.  After we returned to the East we made a visit to Boston and met with many folks of past struggles and of course, their greeting to me was formidable.  Right here in my own NYC we participated in the many events surrounding the effort to free Oscar Rivera Lopez, Puerto Rican political prisoner held for 33 years.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  We also made numerous phone calls and signed petitions on behalf of Abdullah Majid and Jalil Montecalm, Seth Hayes and Jamil el Amin and others  I am committed to emptying the jails of our Mandelas.

Healthwise I have been keepin’ on.  With guidance from my Doctor daughter Zenobia and the folks at Memorial Sloane Kettering I am embarked on an experimental regimen that has shown success in people whose cancer involvement is similar to mine.  It is quite rigorous in its scientific discipline and keeps us close to home even when we might want to be away.  BUT it is a positive hope and I am determined (as you all know) to beat this affliction into the ground and continue with the WORK.  It seems to become more pressing with each day as the predations of capitalism grow more ominous.

On the negative side, I continue to have trouble walking and must lean on the good Ralph — literally as I did figuratively for the last 4 years— Side effects from the experimental meds are bothersome but not more.  On the Positive side, we have moved from my generous son and daugher in law’s  back into the little house i was living in at the time I went to jail.  SNAIL MAIL   1676  8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215   A great deal of family effort and a fair amount of $$$ made this possible but it is so restorative to be living there once again—my books, my old ’60’s posters, the family pictures…  Heavenly.  I just wish that I could summon up a little more energy to respond to many of you who have reached out to us. Hopefully the new drug will remedy this.

We are extremely grateful for all the money raised to help pay for the necessities, medical and otherwise.  Now that we are back out in the real world in our own house we have some new needs . Each visit to the Doctors in Manhattan costs at least $100. for parking and etc.   If you are in a position and feel inclined to help out, we are always appreciative.

Tomorrow I will be at SK to be prodded and poked and then we will join my beloved family upstate for the holiday to be celebrated in a revolutionary manner.  It is a good day to think about true revolutionary movements world wide and the people who made them,,not the least of whom are the many brave men and women in the political prisoner gulag of America.


Photo: Lynne and Ralph at John Brown’s Grave

June 3rd, 2014

Lynne and Ralph at John Brown’s grave in Lake Placid, NY, 2014.

Lynne’s Granddaughter Publishes Novel!

April 27th, 2014

Lynne wants everyone to know she is bursting with pride because her granddaughter Milana Velasquez Stewart has published her first novel, Not Average Rebels! You can purchase the book on Amazon here:

“Everyone should purchase at least 10 copies!!” – Lynne

Write a letter for Seth Hayes

March 17th, 2014

Lynne is asking folks to write a letter for Seth Hayes to the parole Board. Seth is a former BPP/BLA member convicted in the homicide of a Transit cop, he has served 41 years. This is his 10 attempt at parole. He has distinguished himself in NY state prison system educationally and vocationally. The community and his family will benefit by his release. End vindictive Incarceration !!

Letters Should be Addressed to:
Senior Parole Officer Sullivan Correctional Facility

and sent to his attorney
Cheryl Kates, esq.
PO Box 734
Victor NY 14564
Before June.

FURTHER INFO AT: nycjericho at gmail dot com

Medical Update from Lynne

March 8th, 2014

Off to Sloan on Tuesday for first consultation on my lymphedema (swollen left arm) Am also taking full array of oils, vitamins, powders and potions as recommended and gifted by my Dr. daughter. Will keep everyone up to date (without becoming tedious…I hope)

Off to International Women’s Day celebration and glad to be here to do so.!

Love Struggle

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