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The new sentencing date for Lynne Stewart is now July 15th at 2:30 p.m. Please check back as this date could change.

The new sentencing date for Lynne Stewart is now July 15th at 2:30 p.m. Please check back as this date could change.

Second Circuit Denies Re-Hearing By the Full Panel (En Banc) on Lynne Stewart's Sentence
Click here to read the ruling (PDF).

December 3, 2009 Update on Lynne Stewart
Click to read a full update from the hearing held this past December.

Letter from Lynne Stewart

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Friends and Supporters:

Well the moment we all hoped would never come is upon us. Good bye to a good cup of coffee in the morning, a soft chair, the hugs of grandchildren and the smaller pleasures in life. I must say I am being treated well and that is due to my lawyer team and your overwhelming support.

Click here to read the full letter.

On Foley Square a songbird sings
by Lillian Pollack

The Square - slabs of concrete
Cobbled streets, medieval arches, forlorn dusty parks
Bleak citadels of justice

In these great halls
knowing righteous laws
fear destroys reason
Harsh sentence are pronounced
Innocent actions become
Punishable crimes

Here a bird sings

Legendary – like the Kuninglin-
Who hid in the plumage of an eagle
And soared above him to heaven.
A wren
Known for strong songs
That floods the skies

This a warm-blooded, two legged,
Feathered vertebrate
Plump – gray, sandy-haired
With a fearless grin
Is shut away
A bird who sings only in daylight
Her notes loud and clear
Round crystal globules of sweet sound
Pour through the black bars
Singing of innocence of wrong-doing
Pure of any intent
Only desire to do good
And kindness

We must hear her
She must not be ignored
Her song of sympathy
for all those oppressed,
misjudged, falsely accused
Wafts through the air
Telling us of the meaning of our existence
Empathy for all that lives

We must hear her message
Above the crushing litany of law
That stifles her voice

If justice ignores her song
We cannot survive
If we forget humanity
we will not survive

About the Author
Born in Hell's Kitchen, NYC 1915, Lillian Pollack became a radical at sixteen, raised three kids, earned two graduate degrees at night and taught school for twenty-five years. Still active, she?s now a Raging Granny marching and singing for peace.In The Sweetest Dream a lively, romantic, historical novel, Miriam and Ketzel, two pretty, feisty women, seek love and their own identity. Involved in the Communist Party, supporters of Leon Trotsky, they are unfortunately, unwitting companions of his assassin. The time is the thirties - the Great Depression, the rich flowering of the arts, the sit-down strikes, the Spanish Civil War. Eventually, the women grow to realize, despite disappointing love affairs and disastrous world events, Trotsky's great message: "Life is beautiful - Live it to the fullest."
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Letters to Judge
The judge said that if there are any letters regarding this new sentencing they will only be considered if they submitted by counsel. We know that people are anxious to do something for Lynne and this is one thing you can do and you have the time to write a thoughtful letter that we believe the Judge will read and take into consideration. For now you can send your letters to the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee, 350 Broadway, Suite 700, New York, NY 10013. Address the letter to: Honorable John G. Koeltl, United States District Judge, Southern District of New York, 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007 - BUT MAIL TO LSDC - NOT directly to the Judge. We will accumulate the letters for the attorneys who will then submit them to the Judge.

Struggling for Lynne
Links to actions and activities on Lynne's behalf from other organizations and struggles

Petition: Free Lynne Stewart!

Letters to Lynne
To send Lynne a letter, write:
Lynne Stewart
150 Park Row
New York, NY NY 10007

April 16
NLG Spring Fling!
The Event of the Spring Season!

Marvin Beldock
Hal Meyerson
Michael Tariff Warren
Evelyn Warren
and our own Lynne Stewart!

At Angel Orensatz Synagogue, Norfolk Street between Houston / Stanton in Manhattan, New York.

From 6:30pm until...
All proceeds benefit the NYC NLG.

July 15
New sentencing date for Lynne Stewart.
At 2:30 p.m.
Please check back as this date could change.

Who is Lynne Stewart?
Lynne Stewart received a 28-month sentence in October 2006. Her lawyers appealed, and she was out on bail until November 17, 2009, when her bail was revoked after the Second Circuit ruled on her and the government's appeals.

Click here to download the full Appeal Brief in Lynne's case.

Click here to read sentencing transcripts. (PDF)

Radical human rights attorney Lynne Stewart has been falsely accused of helping terrorists. On Tuesday, April 9, 2002, she was arrested and agents searched her Manhattan office for documents. She was arraigned before Manhattan federal Judge John Koeltl. This is an obvious attempt by the U.S. government to silence dissent, curtail vigorous defense lawyers, and install fear in those who would fight against the U.S. government's racism, seek to help Arabs and Muslims being prosecuted for free speech and defend the rights of all oppressed people.

To read Lynne Stewart's entire remarks to her supporters who had waited outside the courthouse for hours for Lynne to emerge after her sentencing on October 16, 2006 before the Hon. John G. Koeltl, click here.

Lynne's bail has been revoked, and she is now being held in jail after the Second Circuit ruled on her and the government's appeals on Tuesady, November 17, 2009. You can read the opinion and other motions to stay below.

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The Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
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