Lynne Speaking at Day of Peace and Solidarity (NYC)

March 9th, 2016

Rally 2 pm 34th & 6th Ave., NYC, 4 pm march to UN

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Peace Poets, Lynne Stewart, Ramsey Clark, Kathy Kelly, Ann Wright, Ray Laforest, Margaret Kimberley and others

Everybody Turn Out for a Day of Peace and Solidarity in New York

*Money for Jobs and People’s Needs, not War!
*Rebuild Flint! Rebuild our Cities! End the wars!
*Defend the Black Lives Matter movement!

What happens when there are endless wars accompanied by militarized policing, spreading racism, erosion of civil rights, and concentration of wealth, but the only news is election news, and none of the candidates wants to talk about shrinking the world’s largest military?

We happen. That’s what. We turn out for a Day of Solidarity and Peace in New York City on Sunday, March 13th. We start by signing up at and inviting all of our friends to do so. If we can’t come, we invite all of our friends anywhere near New York to sign up and be there. We sit down and think of every person we remember hearing ask “But what can we do?” and we tell them: You can do this.

We stopped the war mongers who wanted to rip up the agreement with Iran last year, and the political progress in Iran reflects the wisdom of diplomacy as an alternative to yet more war. We stopped a massive bombing campaign of Syria in 2013. Our brothers and sisters just this month stopped the construction of a U.S. military base in Okinawa. Read the rest of this entry »

Support Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Event

March 9th, 2016

Lynne will be speaking at this event.

WBAI Update

March 3rd, 2016

Special Bulletin: WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign,

1. My Way or the Highway: Indy-ACE Board Members Stage Phony Boycott

2. Speak out at next Local Station Board meeting – Wed., Mar. 9


1. WBAI Indy/ACE Board Members: End Phony Boycott – Step Up or Step Aside! Sign the Online Petition

Since the January Local Station Board election results created a 12-12 tie between Justice & Unity and the Indy-ACE group, they have refused to attend board meetings. We need a minimum of 13 members to elect local officers and national representatives and do other business. Their “boycott” prevents any binding action on urgent station problems.

We think that they ran for office and so they should serve or step aside. Below is a petition that urges them to come to the table and also alerts the Pacifica National Board, of which the WBAI LSB is a committee. Please sign it!

In a February 23 letter to the Pacifica National Board (updated version available HERE

), the governing body of WBAI’s parent foundation, the 12 Justice and Unity local board members requested “action in the face of this continuing emergency.” According to the letter, initiated by member Lynne Stewart, the prominent former activist attorney who was the top-vote getter in the recent elections, “One of the opposition was actually overheard saying that there may be no LSB meetings for the next year.  Such a we-rule-or-we-ruin ideology has no place in a democratic process….Together we must defeat this attack on the democratically constituted and elected WBAI Local Station Board.”

More background on this issue is HERE

We urge you to sign the online petition to tell the 12 Indy Caucus/ACE board members:

Please respect the bylaws and the decisions of the station’s voters and show up and do the work that you were elected to do: Save WBAI.

You can sign on HERE

. Spread the word on social media!

2.  Speak out at next Local Station Board meeting – Wed., Mar. 9

The next Local Station Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9 at 7 PM at the ARC Senior Center, 120 W. 140 St., between Malcolm X Blvd. & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., Harlem, NY 10030. Come out and speak out during the meeting’s public-comment section about whatever issues concern you in this time of the station’s continued financial crisis.

Ralph Poynter: Whats Happening Radio

February 29th, 2016

Tues., March 1, 2016- Ralph Poynter :What’s Happening – call in  # 347 857-3293 (9-10pm est)

Ralph Poynter says “What’s Happening”“They don’t want  heroes & sheros   because they give us hope….When we are afraid to fight back & resist, the oppressors win. Watch all who claim to be leaders but follow those who support our political prisoners because they gave us hope…’Dare to struggle, dare to win.’ – RALPH POYNTER: What’s Happening – Tues., March 1, 2016

1. News Analysis: Can we expect to see Wall Street money i.e. corporations, big business, supporting Hilary over Trump, if they each get the presidential nod from each of their parties? Ralph Poynter, Larry Pinkney, Lynne Stewart, Tom Siracuse, Joel Meyers, Razakhan Shaheed

2.    Excerpts from the Black Writers Guild – Larry Pinkney – Black Panther &  former pol. prisoner

3.    N.Y.C. Jericho – Political Prisoner Updates from Anne Lamb

4.   What does the current election process teach us about American History and the act of committing gradual    suicide ?         Poynter, Stewart, Pinkney, Siracuse, Meyers

WILL YOU JOIN THE WOMENS MARCH IN HARLEM – Harriet Tubman Monument –SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 2016- 12:30pm-122 St & Frederick Douglass Blvd?? – March for jobs, housing, health care, public education & human rights

Important Read: Buzzfeed Article on Political Prisoners

February 17th, 2016

From Lynne: This is a link to a fine article on Buzzfeed about two of our PPs that have now served 45years—yes 45!  We should all be paying close attention !

The Forgotten Panthers

by Elena Carter

On a 100-degree day this past July, Edward Poindexter woke at 8:30 a.m., as he does most mornings, and walked for an hour around the 400-meter track in the west yard of the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln. If you walk alongside the fence enclosing the yard on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday mornings — moving quickly so you won’t be noticed by the guard in the closest security tower — you might catch a glimpse of Poindexter: big, bald-headed, propelling himself forward in figure eights, a cane in each hand. A fixture here, he is sometimes joined by young gangbangers seeking advice.

As a reserved, introspective child growing up in the early 1950s in Omaha’s predominantly black Near North Side, Poindexter’s favorite activity come summertime was to walk, alone, to an open field on the outskirts of the ghetto. Once there, he’d gorge himself on mulberries and admire the nice homes around a nearby elementary school in the white part of town. The first time he found the field he was stunned. Up to that point his entire world was eight or nine blocks. Omaha, he realized, was a big and varied place.

In some ways, 71-year-old Poindexter is more like his childhood self than the hotheaded man he was in April 1971 when he — along with David Rice, now known as Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa — was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Omaha policeman Larry D. Minard. Minard died when a suitcase bomb exploded in a North Omaha home on August 17, 1970 — one of a series of bombings to shake the Midwest that spring and summer. He was responding to a phony report that a woman had been dragged, screaming, into the vacant home.

At the time, Poindexter and we Langa were leaders in Omaha’s National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF), the successor to the recently dissolved Omaha chapter of the Black Panther Party. The two were arrested after Duane Peak, a 15-year-old former NCCF member, implicated Poindexter and we Langa as the brains behind the bomb plot, though he initially confessed to planting the bomb and placing the phony 911 call alone. By the time their trial was over, Peak would again change his testimony, Poindexter’s and we Langa’s alibis would check out, and the two men’s hands would test negative for the dynamite residue found on their clothes. Key evidence would be withheld from the defense. The jury — of which 11 of the 12 members were white — found them guilty.

Since then, we Langa and Poindexter’s case has penetrated every level of the criminal justice system, from local officials to former governors to the FBI to the Supreme Court. It’s been mired in suspicions of murky police practices, backroom plea deals, allegedly planted and suppressed evidence, and a teenage suspect whose testimony may have been coerced.

Read the full article at Buzzfeed.

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