Protest G4S’ support for Israeli political detention, repression and occupation

November 13th, 2015

Friday, November 13
4:00 PM
G4S Office – 19 W. 44th St, NYC

British/Danish prison and occupation profiteer G4S, the world’s largest security company and second-biggest private employer, equips and maintains the Israeli detention centers and jails where Palestinians are held and tortured, as well as training facilities that prepare occupation forces for their attacks on Palestinians.

Support recent calls by the Palestinian prisoners’ movement

and the BDS National Committee for escalated actions against the company over its support for Israeli repression.

Interview with Sekou Odinga

November 7th, 2015

Photo: Lynne and Ralph at Freeing Political Prisoners event in San Francisco

October 29th, 2015

Photo courtesy of Freedom Archives.

Important information and updates from Russell Maroon Shoatz Family and Friends

October 29th, 2015

From Lynne: An important information below sent by ex Panther, Comrade from Minneapolis and a regular on Ralphs Blog radio show on Tues Nights,  Larry Pinkney. Attention must be paid.

Remembering Hugo “Yogi” Pinell
Following news of Hugo “Yogi” Pinell being killed at New Folsom Prison this past August, Maroon wrote a brief poem paying tribute to the longtime prison activist and social justice hero. If you missed our newsletter two months back, please visit our website for more info on Pinell’s remarkable life. Maroon’s poem can be read below.

Why Hugo “Yogi” Pinell Will Be Remembered
By Russell Maroon Shoatz
Copyright 2015 © Pampata



New man

Exceptionally Well Done!
Maroon’s Son Hassan Reflects on a Visit with his Father

The visits are always good when I get to see that smile on my father’s face.

The long drive, my forgetting to have exact change for vending machine cards, locker expenses, and other visiting procedural protocols, was just a part of the anxiety I was feeling, as I began to inch closer to the front of the check-in line.  You see, the last time I made the three-hour trek up the highway one Saturday in July, I was turned away with a simple explanation. “Sorry, it’s not his visiting block today,” the prison guard had uttered, as she stared at what must have been the most bewildered expression I had mustered on my face since high school physics.

Read the rest of Hassan’s reflection here.

Save Shakaboona
Kerry Shakaboona Marshall was 17 when he was arrested in 1988. As a result of the “Get Tough on Crime” movement, he was sentenced to life in prison, which is equivalent to DEATH by Incarceration. He is one of 500 youth in the state of Pennsylvania who received mandatory LIFE sentences with total disregard to their mental capacity, education, and any emotional and physical trauma they’d encountered. Let us say NO to this barbaric system beginning with Kerry Shakaboona Marshall!

Since being imprisoned, Shakaboona has matured into a committed and principled advocate for human rights both inside and outside the prison system. He can regularly be heard advocating for the most disadvantaged in his commentaries at Prison Radio. He is also the Co-Editor of The Movement, a magazine published by the Human Rights Coalition, where his written commentaries can be found.


Fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) is needed for a re-sentencing defense team of experienced individuals who will advocate zealously for a sentence other than DEATH by Incarceration for Kerry Shakaboona Marshall.

Visit the Indigogo Site to learn more and contribute to our efforts.

“Twenty years ago I met him at the end of the line, in a Super Maximum Security section of Pennsylvania’s state prison in Greene County. There he was serving a natural life sentence – imposed on him while he was still a juvenile – because the system of injustice had taken a wayward kid and condemned him to spend the rest of his life within the confines of prisons.

Yet the Shakaboona I met as a man had the makings of a University professor, doctor, or scientist, and by then was never one to waste a single moment in bettering himself and others he could assist.

As an elder who must leave this life in the not-too-distant future, I’m comforted to know that he continued to grow and better himself, and thus my own grandchildren will benefit from the kind of man he has developed himself to be: One of the best humans walking the planet Earth!”

- Russell Maroon Shoatz

As always, we offer you our profound gratitude for your support, and our hope to celebrate greater victories with you in the days to come…

The Shoatz Family and Friends

Warrior: Film about Leonard Peltier

October 21st, 2015

From NYC Free Leonard Peltier:

This is the definitive film about Leonard Peltier’s life and legal case. It is not new but the facts are still the same. Unfortunately, due to distribution problems, up until now it has been very difficult to see this film. Just a few days ago, Suzie Baer, who produced and directed the film, put it up on Youtube.

Copies of the film and posters are also available by contacting Suzie at: warriorthelifeofleonardpeltier at

NOTE: This film covers Leonard’s case well but what also makes it special is that we get to hear so much from Leonard himself, and also his family.

This film is really important now because Leonard needs really needs support. His only hope is executive clemency and President Obama’s time is office is rapidly coming to a close. This film is a wonderful tool to educate people about Leonard.

Please, watch it, buy it, show it.

NYC Free Peltier

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